I am a transplant from the Kansas City area and  I moved to Silver City, NM in 1999 on a tennis scholarship to Western New Mexico University.  It was at WNMU that  I reluctantly enrolled in my first  art course, photography!  After the first semester in photo I changed my degree to a BFA in photography and the rest is history.


After graduation I continued to backpack and photograph the Gila with my Toyo 4x5 View Camera and Mamiya 7ii.  Those years of working with film cameras, especially the 4x5, taught me  how to see 'LIGHT'.  With a limited number of shots to work with I was  forced to take my time and compose shots rather than spray and pray.  I failed many times but it was an invaluable experience in my growth as a photographer.


When I made the jump to digital in 2009 I was quickly blown away by the results.  I remain constantly amazed by the possibilities that today's cameras have opened up for the creative artist.  I believe we are living in the most exciting time to be a photographer.